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Davis School for Independent Study provides an academically challenging course of study in an enriching educational environment that considers and supports each student as it fosters academic, personal, and social growth.

Short Term Independent Study

  Please click HERE for more information on the Short Term Independent Study program (formerly known as travel study).

  Please click HERE to fill out the request sheet for Short Term Independent Study


DJUSD Secondary School Schedules

Growing Up DRUG FREE- A Parent’s Guide to Prevention

The DEA and USDOE has updated Growing Up DRUG FREE- A Parent’s Guide to Prevention

This new version provides information on opioids and synthetic marijuana as well as the importance of adolescents ...more

We All Belong Safe and Welcoming Schools. Check out the DJUSD webpage here.


DSIS Recycles Cartridges!

DSIS Recycles Cartridges!

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Ready for 7th Grade??

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New Student Registration at DSIS - Next Meeting January 16th!

DSIS is now enrolling students for the second semester.  New this semester is day time meetings as well as night time meetings.  The new parent/student information meeting is mandatory for any student in grades 7 to 12 who would like to transfer to DSIS.  The next information meeting is January 30th at 11:00 a.m. Entrance for this meeting is through the school office, double blue doors in the corner of the DJUSD building.   The next night time meeting twill be on Feb. 5th and will start at 4:45.  Entrance for the afternoon meeting is the blue door by the picnic tables.  

If are  interested in enrolling your student at DSIS for the second semester of the 2017-18  school year and the student is in grades 7-12, click here to register for the next information meeting date.  If you have trouble accessing the form you can also call the office at 530.757.5333, or email cmartell@djusd.net to register for the meeting.  

Attending the information meeting is the first step in enrolling at DSIS.  At this mandatory meeting, parents and students will learn about DSIS and will be able to make a determination as to whether DSIS is a good fit for the student.  Within two days after this meeting, the student will return to DSIS to write a short essay and turn in their application.  Once these two items have been received, the school counselor will schedule meetings with the student, parent and current school counselor to determine what courses the student will take.  The entire process takes two weeks, depending on individual students.  If the student is currently on an IEP or 504, meetings will need to be held before enrollment in DSIS to make sure that DSIS is an appropriate option for the student.

For students in grades K-6 we have an elementary homeschool program where the parent is the primary teacher.  Please call the school counselor at 530.757.5333, ext. 370 to make an appointment to learn more about this program. 

DSIS Student of the Month for Davis Sunrise Rotary

DSIS Congratulates Brooke Lee, DSIS Student of the Month for Davis Sunrise Rotary November 2017.  Shantel Sandoval, DSIS English teacher, describes Brooke as “a driven, passionate person . . . She illuminates our class with her openness to confront challenging content, demonstrating herself as a leader on all fronts.”  At Davis High School, “She has pursued her interest in journalism and video by producing a new monthly sports show for the website titled BDPN, or Blue Devil Pride Network,” says Kelly Wilkerson, HUB Advisor, Journalism/English teacher, DSHS  Brooke is a leader and role model at DSIS.  According to Cindy Martell, DSIS Administrative Secretary, “for the past year, Brooke Lee has served on the climate committee and the school site council.  Brooke has overcome her own shyness to become the type of student who gives great feedback in meetings . . . “ DSIS counselor Marvie Paulsen describes her as a great representative of DSIS students who is engaged, gives valuable feedback with an open mind and IS accepting of others. Brooke is a creative, active, and industrious student in Allison Chan’s Drawing and Painting Class. Her supervising teacher Christine Easton says Brooke is a pleasure to work with.  She is well liked among her peers, coworkers at Jamba Juice, and teachers.  Of all the qualities and values our community cherishes, Brooke embodies them all. 


Check out the DSIS Kudos Board! Anyone can leave a message!


#Love4DJUSDstaff: Celebrate an outstanding DJUSD employee Has there been a teacher, counselor, principal, secretary, custodian or other school employee who has made a big difference to you and your family? Help us recognize the excellence of Davis Joint Unified School District employees by emailing your celebration to Love4DJUSDstaff@djusd.net (photos optional). We plan to post your submissions on our DJUSD Recognition webpage. You can also make a comment on the DJUSD Facebook page; be sure to use the hashtag #Love4DJUSDstaff in your comment! 

Tutoring Requests

DSIS will start taking tutoring requests in the fall for the 2017/18 school year.  If you need a form, please stop in the office or click here to download a request form.  Thank you to the excellent UC Davis student tutors for participating in this program! 




During construction bicyclists and pedestrians, traveling east and west who used the Davis Little League Path will need to change their route

Route Changes Include:

  • When leaving Davis High School or North Davis Elementary and traveling eastbound:

Follow the detour signs through Community Park to the intersection of F Street and 14th Street.  At F Street and 14th Street, enter into the bike lane and ride until you reach F Street and 11th Street.  At F Street and 11th Street, a crossing guard will assist you with crossing F Street.  Then travel to H Street and follow the detour signs to the H Street tunnel. 

  • When traveling from Holmes Jr. High and traveling westbound:

Go through the H Street tunnel.  Follow the detour signs on H Street headed south towards 11th Street.  At 11th Street, continue to F Street where the crossing guard will assist you across the street.  Then travel to B Street.  At B Street turn north towards 14th Street.  There is a crossing guard at B and 14th.

  • Do not cut-through the apartment parking lots between F Street and H Street.  
  • Do not ride your bike the wrong way on the road.


A map of the detour can be found here. 


More information on the project can be found here.



Short Term Independent Study

Click Here for more information on Short Term Independent Study and to fill out the request form.

DSIS School Hours

Monday 8:00 - 4:30

Tuesday 8:00 - 4:30

Wednesday 10:00 - 4:30

Thursday 8:00 - 4:30

Friday 8:00 - 3:30

Dropping Students off at DSIS

The parking lot at DSIS/District Office is a very busy place.  There is constant traffic with staff and visitors coming and going. We understand the frustrations of trying to find a parking spot or a place to drop or pick up your student.  In order to keep your students safe, we are asking parents/guardians to drop your children off for DSIS classes in front of the building along B Street.  This will help to keep your children safe as they will not have to walk in the parking lot.  There is two hour parking in front of DSIS/District Office on B street where you can pull over to drop your child off or wait for your child.  Two hour parking is also available along C street.  The driving areas of the parking lot should not be used as a parking and/or waiting spot as we need this spot for emergency vehicles. 

CAASPP and CAST Practice Tests

Click here to access the CAASPP practice tests.  

Click on the Student Interface, Practice and Training Tests

In the Sign In area, keep all values as guest

Click Sign In

Select the grade level

Select which practice test you would like your child to take.