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Posted on 11/02/2020


April 1, 2021

Important Upcoming Dates in 


  • 31st (Wednesday) Salmon Release at 12:50 and 2:00 Zoom 


  • 1st (Thursday) 4-6th grade workshop cancelled today due to DJUSD teacher training

  • 2nd (Friday) Parent Meeting at 1:00 Zoom

  • 6th (Tuesday) Reader’s Theater at 1:00 Zoom

  • 13th (Tuesday) Handwork with the Cathys at 1:00 Zoom

  • 16th new date (Friday) Science Fair -  at 1:00 Zoom  

  • 20th (Tuesday) Poetry Tea Time at 12:45 Zoom

  • 30th (Friday) - Music Gathering at 1:00  Zoom 

Paws On Project -  Science Fair - April 16th (New DATE) at 1:00 Zoom   Meeting ID: 852 6516 9559   Passcode: #Ladybug

This month we will be sharing our Science Fair in a padlet and we will have a zoom for our science fair participants to talk about projects at 1:00 on Friday, April 16. Depending on the size of our zoom group we might be breaking into breakout rooms so that we are in smaller groups .  Here is a link to a handout with more information on the Science Fair. To share your project please create a video, share a slideshow, or share a link to your project in some way in our padlet.  If you need help and/or a lesson on using the padlet tools for this, your DSIS teacher will be happy to help you. ALSO, Thank you for the great March lessons in our Teaching Together Padlet! Check it out!


Thanks to everyone for supporting our virtual book fair. Your participation is appreciated!

Steelhead Release River Bend Park - Wednesday, March 31 at 12:50 and 2:00  Zoom Meeting ID: 862 0280 9303 Passcode: #Ladybug

  • 12:50 (15ish min)  Loading up our fish at Amy’s house to drive over to release 

  • 2:00 (15 min) Released in the River - River Bend Park near the raft take out beach on the river. If zoom is not working  at the park I will record and share a video. 

Reader’s Theater - Tuesday, April 6 at 1pm - Zoom

All ages are invited to join with our favorite librarian, Katrina Laws-Ewald, Cathy Scarr and Cathy Bucher, for an hour of reader’s theater.  Research shows that reading aloud improves fluency and comprehension, plus it’s fun!

Meeting ID: 881 6495 5762     Passcode: x+3u5%

Handwork Circle - Tuesday, April 13 at 1pm - Zoom

The Cathys are excited to invite you to a handwork circle. Some of you may be working on some kind of handwork project - knitting, embroidery, crochet, finger knitting, etc. Or maybe you have always wanted to give handwork a try. Please join us as we work on our projects “together”, visit while we work, and share our projects with each other.

Meeting ID: 881 6495 5762     Passcode: x+3u5%

Poetry Tea Time - Tuesday, April 20th from 12:45-1:45  Zoom

Get out the china cups, or your favorite mugs, brew some tea, make a special treat, find a poem to recite and join us virtually for our monthly Poetry Tea Time.  We will enjoy one another’s company and share poetry with one another.  You are welcome to join, even if you don’t want to share a poem.  You can share a poem that someone else wrote or write one yourself.  All are welcome!  

Meeting ID: 881 6495 5762  Passcode: x+3u5%

Music Gathering - Friday, April 30th from 1:00-2:00 Zoom 

Please join us and play a song for us or come and enjoy listening to others.  We will be gathering to perform and listen to music. 

Meeting ID: 871 5003 7662   Passcode:  @^m2yU 

Second iReady Assessment for K-6 Students (found in Clever)

The DJUSD has set up the second yearly assessment to help monitor the progress in Language arts and math skills.  The window to take the test has opened and it will be open for about 2 months.  Once the assessment in Language arts or Math is started your child has 3 weeks to complete it.  It is recommended to spread the test out over several days and to take breaks as needed.  Overall each assessment is estimated to take a child 1½ -  2 hours to complete.  Please talk to your DSIS teacher about any questions you have, when it will work well to use the assessment tool and they will make sure to have it ready for your family to start. 

The (Almost) Monthly Press

The (Almost) Monthly Press is a DSIS, homeschool, student newspaper, run by student editors with the support of teacher, Cathy Bucher.  All students are welcomed and encouraged to submit an article to showcase. The March edition can be found here.  You can also access editions on our homepage in our Community and Workshop Canvas course.  Articles can be submitted by copying and pasting them directly into the end of our (Almost) Monthly Press document.  Here is a link to the current edition and here is a link to past editions.  We are celebrating that more students have begun to submit articles.  We would love to hear everyone’s voices.

Eco Club - next meeting, Friday, April 9, 2021

Our first Club of the school year ON CAMPUS AND IN PERSON is happening every Friday!  

Eco Club is back! Here’s how it works:

  • Limit 10 students. Sign up using this link:

  • Club will be Fridays in the DSIS garden from 3:00-4:00pm.  

  • We encourage all families participating to get a “Healthy Davis Together” free Covid test on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before coming. 

  • All participants must wear a mask at all times while on campus (exception to get a quick drink of water away from others).  

  • Everyone will be asked screening questions set up by the DJUSD health department (i.e. is anyone in your household experiencing any signs of illness?  Had anyone in your family had an exposure to someone with Covid-19 in the past 10 days?).  

  • Out of respect for everyone’s time, arrive promptly at 3:00.  We do not want to have to stop the meeting for health screening and late arrivals. 

  • Permission slip required for attendance.

Please contact Soji Howe (Sage’s Mom) for questions 530-400-6788,

Sign Up for Eco Club Here


Thank you everyone for being a part of workshops.  Our weekly workshop zoom links for Workshops are on the Homeschool Community page in Canvas.  The information is also linked below in a google doc.  Please be sure to contact Amy, Cathy or your DSIS teacher if you have any questions about the workshops. 

Parent Homeschooling Meeting - First Friday of the month from 1:00-1:55  Zoom

This is an opportunity to meet some parents, share ideas, and ask questions.  

Meeting ID: 286 889 7668    Passcode: %0rHF%

Parent Contact List and Idea Sharing Document 

We have started a contact list for those interested in sharing and getting contact information of other DSIS  homeschool families.  We also have a shared google doc for sharing curriculum ideas and resources.  We would love to have you visit it to both share and get ideas for helpful curriculum resources and ideas. 

Link to Parent Contact information

Parent Idea Share Information 

Thank You,

Aaron Furtek, Adam Donald, Allison Chan, Amy Thomson, Cathy Bucher, Cathy Scarr and Christine Simms