Homeschool Newsletter
Posted on 08/29/2018

DSIS Homeschool Newsletter

March 4, 2020

Thanks to Soji and Sage, we made hand sanitizers in Eco Club!


Thanks to our amazing work crew, we now have wood chips keeping the weeds at bay!  A special thank you to Summer, who made the project outside of room 1 happen.

Upcoming Dates:


  • 5th- Davis Food Coop Salad in a Jar Fieldtrip - 10-12:20
  • 12th - Odyssey Play - by the 4-6th workshop from 2:30-3:00 in rm. 1
  • 17th - Field trip to the UC Davis Bee Haven - 12:00-12:45
  • 24th - DSIS Open House and Homeschool Science Fair - 6-7PM North Wing and 5:30-6:30 South Wing
  • 25th - Our eggs go into the incubator for hatching
  • 25th - School Site Council Mtg. at 8AM and Climate Mtg. at 9AM 
  • 27th - Last day of our Third Quarter


  • 2nd - Poetry Tea - room 1 at noon
  • 6th -10th Spring Break - DSIS Closed
  • 15th - Hatch Day (We hope!) 
  • 20-24th - CAASPP Testing week 

School Garden - THANK YOU! 

Thank you to all the helpers working away to make our school garden more beautiful and functional! Thank you also to Sage and the Eco Club for organizing our cob bench project and for all the great projects you have been bringing us.  We plan on creating the cob bench in our garden on two Friday/Saturdays in May (May 8th & 9th and May 22nd and 23rd). Thank you to all those who are helping pack the bottles with clean garbage too! Please keep on filling bottle bricks with your clean garbage.  If every family fills three more bottles, we will reach our goal. We will also need at least three old car tires to complete this project. If you know of where we can get these, please let Cathy Bucher know. This is shaping up to be the best school garden year ever! 

Field Trip to Davis Food Co-op - Thursday, March 5th from 10-12:20

Tomorrow, we will be meeting at 10 at DSIS and walking over to the Davis Food Co-op for a tour and lesson in the teaching kitchen in making salad in a jar. We will return back to DSIS by 12:20.  Thank you everyone for turning in the field trip paperwork. For students in 2-3rd grade workshop the field trip will take place for our normal workshop time.  

Odyssey Play - March 12th from 2:30-3:00 in rm. 1

Please join us for a wonderful production of the Odyssey by the 4-6th workshop from 2:30-3:00 in rm. 1. Students in the 4-6th grade have worked hard to put together a wonderful performance of The Odyssey and all are invited to come see the play. 

Haagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven Field Trip - March 17 from 12:00-12:45

Please join us for our field trip to the UC Davis campus, Bee Haven. We will experience a 45 minute guided tour.  Cathy B. is looking into the possibility of having a picnic lunch at the end of our tour. If you want to stay around for a picnic lunch or drive to another place on campus to dine together, plan on staying longer, and let Cathy know. The tour fee is $5 per person, including adults. Tours last 45 minutes. Content is grade-appropriate and is based on the Science Content Standards for California Public Schools. Topics include:

  • Why bees, pollination, and the Haven are important
  • Bee and flower biology and structure and how they are related
  • Overview of common bee and plant species in the garden
  • Student collection and observation of live bees. This is done safely with adult supervision.

Open House and Science Fair - March 24th in room 1 from 6-7PM North Wing and 5:30-6:30 South Wing

A little less than 3 weeks until our big day.  Our science fair will be held on March 24th during open house. Please talk to your teacher about questions about the event. The focus will be on learning, having fun, and teaching others about science. 

Poetry Tea – April 2 at 12:00 in room 1

Our trip to the Davis Food Coop will take the place of our March Poetry Tea Time. Come and join us again in April as we drink tea out of fine china and share poetry readings. Students are encouraged to bring a poem to recite and it need not be memorized.

Fun Friday Calendar

  • March 6 - Garden art clay, finish up clay projects, and start glazing
  • March 13 - glazing clay projects

Club Calendar

Knitting Club - Knitting Club has been canceled for the time being

7th Grade Book Club: Friday, March 6 and Friday March 20 in the green room with Cathy Bucher

Eco Club: Friday, March 13 and Friday March 27 at noon in room 1

Poetry Tea: First Thursday of the month in April, May and June - noon in room 1 (there will be no March gathering due to the Davis Food Co-op Salad in a Jar field trip)

We apologize if you have received this email by mistake. Please let us know and we will remove you from the list.

Thank You,

Cathy Bucher and Amy Thomson