Homeschool FAQs


Q:  Do you provide textbooks?

A:  You have access to all of the same district adopted textbooks

Q:  Do you have to use the district materials?

A:  You can either use the district materials provided or choose your own materials

Q:  Do teachers provide the weekly assignments for students?

A:  Teachers support you as the parent in your homeschooling but do not assign weekly work.

Q:  What options do you have for social contact?

A:  Our homeschool offers field trips, workshops, talent show and other fun gatherings for holiday celebrations.

Q:  Do you provide Chromebooks?

A:  DJUSD is a 1:1 district for technology.  Students can check out a chromebook or use their own technology.

Q:  Can my student return to their neighborhood school if homeschool is not working out?

A:  Independent Study is a choice school.  Students can return to another site at any time they choose.  There is no guarantee there will still be space at your neighborhood school however.  They are guaranteed a spot in a a DJUSD school.

Virtual program generally works in the same way, with meetings being held on zoom.