Hybrid Secondary FAQs

Q:  Do students have to attend in person?

A:  Students are required to have a meeting with their supervising teacher once a week for an hour.  They also attend any in person blended courses they enroll in such as math, science and english.

Q:  Can students take classes at other sites?

A:  Students can take up to 3 classes at another DJUSD junior high or the high school.  We do not split site with DaVinci.

Q:  Do you have sports?

A:  Students who meet GPA requirements can participate in sports at the junior high or high school sites.

Q:  Do you have dances?

A:  Students at DSIS can participate in dances at their home school location if they complete a dance contract.

Q:  Can students take classes at the Junior College?

A:  Students can take up to __________ credits at a junior college and have them appear on their high school transcript.

Q:  Do you provide Chromebooks?

A:  DJUSD is a 1:1 district for technology.  Students can check out a chromebook or use their own technology.

Q:  What types of students participate in Independent Study:

A:  Students come for all reasons, some students thrive working at an independent pace within the week,  some are high level student athletes who need to travel for sports, others come to alleviate the social pressures of traditional schools (not sure how to say that or if we want to at all)

Q:  Can my student get into college if they graduate from Independent Study?

A:  Your student will graduate with a traditional DJUSD high school diploma.  Our students have gone on to colleges in the UC system and private colleges such as NYU and Duke to name a few.

Q:  What if my student doesn’t like Independent Study?  Can they return to their school?

A:  Independent Study is a choice program and the student can return to another district school at any point if it is not working out.  If a student was enrolled in another choice program however,, there is no guarantee of space in that program once they have given up that spot.