Homeschool: Grades K-8DSIS Students

  • Small, Vibrant Community of Homeschooling Families 
  • Weekly 50 minute 1:1 meeting with Supervisory Teacher
  • Daily in-person & Zoom enrichment workshops
  • Site based community building activities
  • District curriculum & guidance to Homeschooling parent
  • Leader in individualized instruction for over 30 years
For information about our in-person and virtual
homeschool for grades K-8 view our slide deck here.

"I feel very fortunate that my children have such caring and dedicated teachers at DSIS.  The teachers provide a nurturing environment for our kids to socialize with their peers as well as develop healthy friendships." -DSIS homeschool parent"


"I enjoyed learning how to make particle board, about the chicks, and cats. I also enjoyed becoming a better artist. I liked how everybody in our school worked together." -1st grader
"I liked making clay butterflies,  playing outside with my friends and going on field trips.  I also enjoyed the DSIS Valentine’s Day celebration. " -2nd grader

"I liked the section in science workshop called balance and motion. I also liked the animals who came to DSIS, costume day, and that I get to get ahead in subjects." -5th grader

"This year I enjoyed holding kittens at DSIS and going to art club and Y.E.S club at Emerson junior high." -7th grader