Message from Principal Kinder


Principal Kinder

Principal’s Message


Welcome to the Davis School for Independent Study 2019-20 school year! It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you back for the 2019-2020 school year! I am very excited to be returning for my third year as the DSIS Principal. DSIS is a truly special place: I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of it.

At DSIS we have some exciting things on the horizon this year. We have continued to offer expanded blended course offerings and flexible technology usage with the Schoology platform. This year, we are excited to offer more new Honors course options including English 10 Honors, American Literature Honors and PreCalculus. As we look to explore and grow our school, also at the core of our mission is maintaining the aspects of DSIS that make it so special: we are relationship driven and strive to be the school that our students are excited and proud to be a part of.

While working to offer more advanced course offerings, we have also developed a new proactive intervention program aimed specifically at supporting our 9th and 10th graders struggling with anxiety. The strains of school and society can often be anxiety inducing and one of our goals with this new endeavor is to support students to be successful both academically and emotionally by developing plans and implementing supports in advance.

I would also like to officially welcome to our team, Mr. Thomas Noyes. Mr. Noyes will be teaching high school Social Science and serve as a supervisory teacher to 9th and 10th graders.
During the first few weeks of school, we look forward to getting to know our new students and families at all levels: orientations, homeschool brunch,  and more. On August 28th, we will be off and running here at DSIS!  I will be here to support the inspiring work that is happening at the school. I will be available to listen to your needs, and we will prioritize the work we need to accomplish this year, together, as a team.  DSIS is a safe and special place that nurtures the needs of individual students and families, and I am thrilled to continue to be a part of its future.

Rob Kinder

Principal, Davis School of Independent Study