Message from Principal Kinder


Principal Kinder

Principal’s Message


Welcome Back DSIS Families!!!

Wow. What a year 2020 has been! The challenges keep coming... and we continue to tackle them the best we can. While I wish we could be greeting you back in person to begin the 2020-21 school year, rest assured that the staff at DSIS has been working hard to ensure that our “Distance Learning” experience meets the needs of ALL of our students. We don’t anticipate that will be easy or without challenges, but we can be confident in saying that we are in this together. I have a toddler as well as a first grader and third grader in distance learning along with a working wife: I get it! We got this. We will get through as the strong, little community we are and with patience and grace. I will aim to give weekly updates and you’ll get information regularly from the front office as well. PLEASE let us know if you need support: Diane Rubin will assist you with materials, credit and scheduling questions. Shaney Whitbeck will assist you with all other questions!

Our small school, while still small, has seen growth this summer at the elementary level! We are excited to have DJUSD teachers Adam Donald and Aaron Furtek join our DSIS family. They will be teaching in our homeschool program this year. Welcome Adam and Aaron! As well as people, we have added additional resources in the technology arena, such as curriculum and more. As you are likely aware, Schoology has gone out to pasture and Canvas is the new Learning Management System for ALL DJUSD. We are excited to have continuity and we are confident that students will adapt with our support.

On August 26th, we will be off and running here at DSIS!  I will be here to support the inspiring work that is happening at the school. I will be available to listen to your needs, and we will prioritize the work we need to accomplish this year, together, as a team.  DSIS is a safe and special place that nurtures the needs of individual students and families, and I am thrilled to continue to be a part of its future.

Rob Kinder

Principal, Davis School of Independent Study