Hybrid Secondary

Student's grades 9-12 have a "supervisory teacher" who serves as an advisor/counselor. Students meet with the teacher 1-on-1 for one hour each week. During this meeting, teacher and student review assignments and discuss courses, college, career and life. Students have the option to take most courses either 1:1 individual courses with their supervisory teacher or in a blended class. Most students do a mix of both.

Teacher support is readily available on our site which is open Monday through Friday during regular school hours. Our site has fast wi-fi as well as plentiful technology (PCs, chrome books, iPads) available for student use. Student's are expected to be independent learners and utilize good time management skills, but will always have the option to check in directly with a teacher for support. While there will also be support available during open hours at DSIS, we also offer daily tutorials in all core subjects. These small support sessions are one hour long and offered in all core subjects.

DSIS students also have the ability to take courses off-site at one of the district's Junior High sites, at Davis Senior High School or at a local community college. Our students may also participate in sports and extracurriculars such as dances and field trips.

DSIS works in partnership with UC Davis to provide free tutoring for all grades. This is available in addition to our regular tutorial schedule.
Hybrid learning (aka Blended Learning) is an approach to education that combines online curriculum and opportunities for interaction online with traditional face-to-face classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace.

Blended course offerings are available in all core subjects as well as numerous elective options.
**If interested in DSIS and you have a student with an IEP, it is required by law that an IEP transfer meeting be held to discuss placement at an independent study school. Your child cannot enroll with DSIS until this is completed**