Traditional The homeschool program at DSIS a small, vibrant community of families dedicated at giving students educational options and flexibility offered to students K-8. DSIS is a small, vibrant community of families in grades K-8 dedicated to giving students educational options and flexibility.

Our certificated teachers work 1-on-1 with families as a team to support them in the education of their children. We provide teacher support, curriculum and community "hub" with indoor space, an outdoor community garden and learning spaces for students and families to work together.

In addition to weekly 1-on-1 meetings, workshops for each grade level are held weekly as well as numerous events including "fun Friday", poetry tea time, apple pie day, craft days and more.
FULLY VIRTUAL HOMESCHOOL (K-6 only) is available under some circumstances and follows the same model of our traditional program. Students and parents meet virtually with teachers weekly. We believe best practice for our homeschool is to meet in-person and we, in general, would direct families interested in this option to purse our Virtual Academy.
**Please note we do not have services for Special Education in our Homeschool program other than Speech**