About Short Term Independent Study (STIS)

DSIS coordinates the Short Term Independent Study (STIS) program for students attending Davis senior high school, King high school, Emerson Jr. high, Harper Jr. high or Holmes Jr. high. Students at any other school should contact their school to request short-term independent study.


STIS Guidelines

Students are eligible for STIS if they will be absent from school for a minimum of 3 school days and a maximum of 10 days per occurrence.

Please note that STIS starts on September 7, 2021 and must be completed by 5/31/22.


Short term independent study should be requested at least 5 teaching days in advance by completing the online form. 

STIS that extends beyond 10 days may trigger a truancy letter since these additional days are not state approved absences. As long as the student does not incur additional unexcused absences over the course of the school year, the letter will not be followed by further action.

STIS Procedure:

  • If you have questions, contact Diane Rubin [email protected]
  • If you are unable to access the online form, or need access in Spanish, please visit the DSIS office. 
  • The coordinator will email the parent the STIS Master Agreement and Assignment Sheets.
  • The student will print the assignment sheets and give them to each teacher to be filled out. It is the student’s responsibility to get the assignment sheets back from the teachers before they start the absences.
  • The Master Agreement must be signed by parent and student and returned to DSIS before the first day of Short Term Independent Study. Failure to return the signed Master Agreement before the STIS starts will result in this being denied and the student absences will be marked as unexcused.
  • Copies of the assignment sheets and student work is due to DSIS on the first day back at school. It is the responsibility of the student/parents to make copies of the student work. This includes work submitted electronically. If the student was instructed to follow the class calendar or look online for assignments, the instructions for the assignments must be attached to the completed work.
    The original homework and assignment sheets are turned in to your teachers.
  • Please note that if the assigned work is not turned in to DSIS after one week from returning from travel study, the student absences will be marked unexcused.
  • See Da Vinci Charter and DJUSD for information on STIS at the elementary level.