Apply for Davis School for Independent Study

2024-2025 Application 

STEP 1: Please view our informational slides here.

STEP 2: If you are not a resident of Davis, please request an Inter-district transfer (IDT) from your district of residence.  If you already have an IDT to a school in Davis, you will need to request a new one listing Davis School for Independent Study as the school you are requesting and the reason for the request should be “Independent Study”.  Employment in Davis cannot be the reason listed on an IDT to DSIS.

STEP 3: Complete the DSIS application.  Please be sure to read the application requirements carefully and attach the requested supporting documents.  Residency documents are required if you live in Davis even if you have been attending another district school.  We will not be able to move forward with enrollment unless the application submitted to us is complete.
STEP 4:  Counselor will email student questionnaire and student will respond via email. (Grades 7-8)

STEP 5:  Parent/guardian attends information session with administrator.

STEP 6:  Return Written Agreement with student and parent/guardian signatures

STEP 7:  For students transferring into DSIS on an inter-district transfer, once we have received all required documentation and we are ready to enroll your IDT will be approved and you will be notified to begin the enrollment process with DJUSD at  If you have any questions about the DJUSD enrollment process, please contact Korlyn Gibson at [email protected]

STEP 8:  Student & parent/guardian meets with counselor to finalize student schedule and enrollment process.

NOTE:  Students currently on an IEP, must have an IEP meeting which will be scheduled at the current school site to determine if placement at DSIS will meet the student’s needs.

(Optional) Before signing a written agreement the parent or guardian of a pupil may request a telephone, videoconference, or in-person pupil-parent-educator conference or other school meeting during which the pupil, parent or guardian, and, if requested by the pupil or parent, an education advocate, may ask questions about the educational options, including which curriculum offerings and nonacademic supports will be available to the pupil in independent study, before making the decision about enrollment or disenrollment in the various options for learning.

Need help?
Please contact DSIS at 530-757-5333 with any questions.